Here are a selection of the products that we trust, endorse and carry in stock. We sell these in the shop at a very reasonable price, so please feel free to drop by and replenish your supplies - or even to discover more about the products that we carry and sell. Presently we are not selling these products online, however if we get enough interest and it makes sense, we may look into becoming a distributor. So if you want that, please let us know! Happy to please.

OSMO styling and care: Manipulate and corrupt your head with OSMO, a leading UK collection of professional hair care and styling products. With a diverse and extensive product range, OSMO is a controversial, unique style leader

Fudgehair from FUDGE: Amazingly popular for a very good reason - they are excellent styling products. We've been stocking this line for a long time and it's extremely popular amongst our customers

PRORASO Shaving products: Established in the late 1920's in Florence, where the products are still produced, Proraso has focused on an uncompromising approach to luxury men's shaving products. Proraso is quite simply Italy’s most venerable barber shop shaving brand. Simply put; in our opinion there is no finer product for men's shaving and grooming. Try it, you'll never look back!

STRUCTURE: one of the most effective 'super-hold' styling products we have found.